About Us

Prompt Action Pest Control is a family owned and operated pest control company that has been servicing Northwest Wisconsin since 1989. The owners of Prompt Action Pest Control are Shane, Jared, Stephen, and Brant Hanson. They are the four sons of Jerry and Edwina Hanson, the founders of Prompt Action Pest Control. Shane, Jared, Stephen, and Brant are also the service technicians. Edwina and Jerry now help in the office and provide technical and administrative assistance as needed.

Jared, their bat expert, was the first to join his dad in the business helping with bat exclusions during the summer of 1998. Soon their customer base in all phases of pest control grew to open the opportunity for Jared to work full-time with his dad. Business expanded quickly and in 2005, Shane became their wildlife expert. He began part-time doing the wildlife trapping and helping with bat exclusions. He also helps maintain all their computer and answer technology issues. In early 2006, after serving in the U.S. Marines with a tour in Iraq, Stephen was honorably discharged and joined the business. He now services the customers in the eastern portion of their service area. Brant, the youngest of the four, joined his brothers in 2008. Though he is competent in all phases and types of pest, wildlife and bat control, he has become their home protection expert.

Their years of experience and commitment to their customers is unparalleled in the industry. As owners of the business you can rest assured that the whole family will provide the very best service humanly possible. While other pest control companies also work hard to provide good service, they are plagued with employee turn-over. You can be confident that Prompt Action Pest Control will always send an experienced and proven service technician to your home or business. Though these other companies try to provide good training, nothing beats the many years of experience and training Shane, Jared, Stephen and Brant have accumulated. With the over forty-three years of their dad's experience, combined with their own, there isn't any pest problem they cannot control. When you hire Prompt Action Pest Control, you can know that they will get the job done, and that your hard earned money is well spent.

Jerry is a native of Northwest Wisconsin. He began his official pest control experience in the U.S. Air Force in 1970, as an Engineering Entomology Specialist performing and supervising essential control of all species of pests to protect the health and safety of USAF personnel and property. After being honorably discharged in 1974, Jerry with the help of the GI Bill supported his family through college working part-time for pest control companies from Springfield Missouri to Allentown Pennsylvania. Upon graduating from college near Philadelphia, he stayed in the pest control profession as a branch manager of several branches of Terminix International. With the death of his stepfather, and his mother's declining health, he decided in 1989 that it was time to move back to Northwest Wisconsin. With no Terminix branch offices in the area, he decided to start his own pest control company. In November of 1989 Jerry was certified and licensed by the State of Wisconsin as a Commercial Pesticide Applicator and Prompt Action Pest Control was formed.

They service homes and businesses from La Crosse to Minong, and from Stevens Point to Eagle River. They have successfully serviced over six thousand homes and businesses. They are members in good standing of the National Pest Control Association (NPMA), the Wisconsin Pest Control Association (WPCA), and the Wisconsin Wildlife Control Operators Association (WWCOA). With all their experience and continuing education you can trust your home's and business's pest control and prevention needs to Prompt Action Pest Control.